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Unleashing a new level of Motion Picture and HDR Imaging for the latest generation of Advanced Display Technologies.

TrueCut is a new, cinematic video platform that extends creative options for visual storytelling and ensures the consistent delivery of artistic intent across screens.

Pixelworks and YOUKU Announce Agreement to Bring High-Quality HDR Video Ecosystem to Mobile Devices in China.

YOUKU will utilize the TrueCut platform to remaster existing titles in HDR and also create new titles for its growing subscriber base of over 500 million users.

YOUKU is committed to delivering content that portrays the original artistic intent, and we believe that high-quality HDR is one of the important ways for our users to experience video storytelling.

We are very happy cooperating with Pixelworks’ TrueCut platform, and because of this great technology, together we will bring wonderful improvements to the whole industry.

Alibaba Vice President and YOUKU COO, Zhuang Zhuoran (Nantian).

With benefits at every stage, the end-to-end platform ensures consistent delivery across the broadest range of devices.

The TrueCut platform empowers filmmakers to explore a broader range of HDR and Motion appearances than previously possible.

A single, optimized workflow supporting high dynamic-range and high frame-rate motion.

Judder controls, allowing for faster camera movement and higher dynamic-range color grading without undesirable strobing and judder effects.

Fine virtual shutter control, expanding the range of available motion clarity - from crisp and staccato to as blurry as desired.

Broader choices for motion, from a 24fps film feel, to smooth high frame-rate video.

The TrueCut post-production tools bring a new level of creative options for both existing and new titles.

SDR to HDR remastering that delivers all the benefits of high dynamic range, including increased color and detail while preserving the original artistic intent.

Motion grading for fine judder and motion blur control.

Super-resolution resizing.

The TrueCut delivery tools ensure that supported devices show the consumer the exact appearance chosen by creatives.

48fps and 120fps DCPs for theatrical presentations.

TrueCut® format for home entertainment and mobile devices.

The TrueCut platform supports a growing set of cinema displays and mobile and home entertainment devices.

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