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A Breakthrough in Brilliant: HDR and Motion - No Compromise. The Filmmakers' Vision from the Screening Room to the Home.

With benefits at every stage, the end-to-end platform ensures consistent delivery across the broadest range of devices.

TrueCut empowers filmmakers to explore a broader range of motion and HDR looks than ever before.

Alleviates annoying artifacts that distract from the main focus of a scene.

Matches the motion look from the grading room to the home.

Provides a "virtual frame rate", enabling higher frame rates to be used where appropriate in production, while retaining a 24FPS look.

Enables the fine-tuning of judder and motion blur on a shot-by-shot basis.

TrueCut Intent: match the reference display to the home display.

TrueCut Motion Grading: finely control judder and motion blur to alleviate artifacts.

TrueCut Guided Remastering: AI-based SDR to HDR remastering plus super-resolution resizing.

An end-to-end streaming platform designed to deliver a premium viewing experience.

TrueCut maintains the vision of the creative team, raising the quality bar and improving the user experience in a fundamental and clearly visible way.

Supported on millions of existing devices. No viewer intervention required.

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