Software/Staff Software Engineer

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Location: Shanghai, China

Job Description:

  • Develop software to control Pixelworks chip on Android system
  • Light up MIPI DSI panel with Pixelworks’ chip
  • Do video and image post processing SW
  • Validate new Pixelworks’ chip
  • Tune PQ performance and system stability with DSP team and IC team
  • Support customer


  • Basic requirements (for junior people or interns who have almost no working experience)

    • Excellent C/C++ programming skills required
    • English communication capability to work with colleagues around the world
    • Good education background and knowledge base of either area below
      • Computer software
      • Image processing and color management
  • Advanced requirements (For experienced people. Meet at least two items below)

    • Familiar with Android display architecture
    • Familiar with Android application development
    • Familiar with OpenGL/Vulkan development
    • Good knowledge background of MIPI DSI is preferred
    • Good knowledge of panel DDIC is a plus