Mobile devices are an integral part of our daily lives.  Their displays form a crucial part of the user experience.  Improvements in display technology have enabled high-resolution displays with richer colors where individual pixels are no longer discernable from each other.  To unleash the full potential of these new high-resolution displays it is essential to have a display processing pipeline.  The majority of mobile devices today lack such processing and so don’t deliver their true potential.  Pixelworks has taken its patented Video Display Processing™ technology used in advanced Ultra HDTVs and re-engineered it for the power conscious and size sensitive mobile space.  Offering significant image quality enhancements Pixelworks Video Display Processing™ technology maximizes the investment in a high-resolution display, delivering gorgeous vibrant ultra-realistic images without power penalties.  In fact due to Pixelworks advanced technology, our mobile Video Processing Technology can actually reduce overall system power and reduce the burden of these additional pixels to increase system performance.

See the Action

By analyzing the motion of every object in every frame, Pixelworks Video Display Processing™ removes clarity robbing, unrealistic judder from any content.  By inserting missing frames of action all motion sequences becomes smooth and continuously, allowing your eyes to accurately track objects.  Free of motion blur and judder, the full clarity of every pixel on the display can now been seen by the viewer.

Dazzling Image Quality

Every scene and every frame and every pixel is continuously measured and monitored.  Performing billions of calculations every second, Pixelworks Video Display Processing™ removes realism destroying artifacts and optimizes each pixel to deliver crisp, sharp, vibrant images.

Perfect Color

Whether choosing which clothes to buy or watching the latest blockbuster movie, having perfect color is an essential part of making any display realistic.  Pixelworks Video Display Processing™ offers advanced color processing that allows any display to be tuned to show the very best and most realistic image.

Watch a Movie or Play a Game, Anywhere,
Whether Outside by the Pool or Inside by the Fire

The great thing about mobile devices is that they can be used virtually anywhere.  This places a tremendous burden on the display as it needs to adjust to the ambient lightning conditions automatically just as our eyes do.  Pixelworks Video Display Processing™ uses advanced algorithms to rebalance the display for the ambient lightning conditions, reducing eye strain and making content enjoyable no matter where you might be.