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Pixelworks 投影仪

Scaling, Edge Detail

As we move to 4K and beyond, the quality demands of scaling have increased significantly. Artifacts become more noticeable on high resolution displays as they distract from the realism effect. Pixelworks advanced scaling is designed to ensure that up-conversion of lower resolution content is of the highest quality in maintaining the fidelity of image.

True Clarity

Judder and blur are common artifacts when displaying fast motion video on high resolution and high refresh displays.

Pixelworks’ advanced Motion Processing solutions provide projector OEMs with the ability to deliver products that realize the full potential of 3LCD and DLP projections systems, reducing motion blur, and avoiding artifacts.


Image and Keystone Correction

Pixelworks' projector solutions offer the widest range of keystone correction (+/- 45 degrees both horizontal and vertical directions) together with multi-point corner correction. This allows for a tremendous level of flexibility in projector placement in a room for various lighting conditions, including a corner placement and display on a non-flat surface for the highest visibility to audience in a room or a venue. All this and more is accomplished while maintaining the best picture quality and details!


Edge Blending video wall

For Projection of very wide screen video and images in large venues such as concert halls, stadiums, school assembly halls etc., it is best to project portions of the image using multiple projectors. Pixelworks' edge blending technology manages the overlap area and brightness such that the combined image is seamless, showing consistent intensity, color and edge detail

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) offer immersive collaboration platforms with education and business settings.

Pixelworks' projector display processing solutions support ultra-short throw (UST) display enabling projector placement inches away from the display wall. Additionally, Pixelworks projector solutions are called on to power the IWB app including laser curtain management and supporting wired and wireless connectivity to computers and mobile devices.



Pixelworks' SoC solution for projector display processing includes interfaces and connectors for all the latest, standard networking and connection protocols such as USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet. The integrated software platform has all the device drivers, apps and development tools for any local or remote device (personal computers, tablets, smartphones) to send an image or video to any projector and control it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In addition, connectivity features also help in remote monitoring and diagnostics to check on lamp hours, when maintenance is required etc.