Mobile Display Processing Technologies

Built on a 20-year history of delivering image processing innovation to leading providers of consumer electronics, professional displays and video streaming services, Pixelworks mobile display processing technologies are powering the industry’s top-rated flagship displays and enabling premium visual experiences across smartphone price tiers.

Addressing the Content and Device Discontinuity

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With content formats lagging behind advancing display capabilities, the widening “quality gap” degrades visual quality and causes loss of artistic intent. In the mobile viewing environment, image clarity is further impeded by widely-varying ambient lighting conditions. Pixelworks closes the “quality gap” and meets the most demanding display requirements with the industry’s most advanced and commercially-proven visual processing technologies.

Pixelworks Always-on HDR

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology gives movies, games and camera content immersive color depth and contrast. Pixelworks visual processors provide precision tone mapping for HDR 10 and HDR 10+ content across smartphone product tiers. For the vast majority of movies, games and user videos that still exist in Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) format, Pixelworks processors dynamically up-map this content from SDR to HDR for the ultimate, Always-on HDR visual experience.

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Pixelworks Dual MotionEngine® Processing

As a Hollywood award winning industry leader in motion processing, Pixelworks has evolved its patented Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology for high refresh rate smartphones with multiple levels of content specific optimization and a new Dual MIPI architecture with parallel processing that produces superior visual quality across the widest range of content, video formats, frame rates and apps.

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Auto Adaptive Display Features

Mobile devices are used everywhere, from dark rooms to the sunny outdoors. Pixelworks’ auto adaptive technology dynamically adjusts the smartphone’s display in response to changes in ambient brightness, color temperature and content characteristics in order to preserve visual clarity and eye comfort in all viewing conditions.

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Pixelworks High-efficiency Color Calibration

Color accuracy is a foundation of visual quality. Smartphones factory tuned with Pixelworks’ patented, high-efficiency calibration have set industry records for color accuracy in independent testing. With Pixelworks calibration, consumers can enjoy real-to-life color for all apps and content spanning the sRGB, DCI-P3 and custom color gamuts. Whether gaming, watching movies or just re-living moments in photos consumers will see images exactly how they should look and feel.

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Delivering the best gaming experience isn’t just about providing more pixels. True Clarity uses sophisticated image processing and contrast management technologies that render a sharp, clean image to bring out all the details necessary for more realistic game play.

2D edge enhancement
Overshoot control

Scaling, Edge Detail

Visual artifacts ruin the viewing experience of images and videos as they are scaled up for the higher resolution displays. Pixelworks’ advanced scaling solutions ensure the highest quality and maintain the fidelity of the image as presented on the display.

Upto 32x upscaling
H & V independent
Programmable scaling algorithm