1M : 1 Contrast
10x Improvement in Color Accuracy
>16 bit internal HDR processing

High Dynamic Range

HDR is revolutionizing the way we enjoy Video and Movies in the home. Pixelworks now brings the world’s most advanced,reference-quality HDR solutions to mobile devices for the ultimate handheld viewing experience. Accurate. Adaptive. Always on HDR.

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500 Million pixel processing per second
Upto 60fps Content Adaptive Frame rate

Clear, Life-Like


True Clarity ™

Pixelworks’ unique and patented Motion Processing technology delivers the content creator’s intent on today’s high contrast and high frame rate mobile OLED and LCD devices, significantly improving the user’s experience by reducing blur, while avoiding such artifacts as halos, breakup and the so-called "soap opera effect".

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3x gain in contrast ratio
Upto 44% power savings
5-factor adaptive

Auto Adaptive Displays

True View

Mobile devices are used everywhere, from dark rooms to the sunny outdoors. True View automatically adapts the display to the ambient light and color temperature, content, and even the user, enabling the most optimal mobile viewing experience.

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1 Billion colors
6-axis color enhancement
5k color points

Richer, Vibrant, More Exquisite Colors

True Color ™

Color and contrast add the emotion to an image. Whether it is blue skies, luscious green lawns, or rich skin tones, Pixelworks’ color management and display calibration suites lets the users see an image exactly how it was designed to look and feel.

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2D edge enhancement
Overshoot control


True Clarity ™

Delivering the best gaming experience isn’t just about providing more pixels. True Clarity uses sophisticated image processing and contrast management technologies that render a sharp, clean image to bring out all the details necessary for more realistic game play.

Upto 32x upscaling
H & V independent
Programmable scaling algorithm

Scaling, Edge Detail

True Clarity ™

Visual artifacts ruin the viewing experience of images and videos as they are scaled up for the higher resolution displays. Pixelworks’ advanced scaling solutions ensure the highest quality and maintain the fidelity of the image as presented on the display.