Parallel Computing Engineer

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Location: Shanghai, China


Pixelworks is provider for video and graphics processing chip and software. Our solutions are widely used in projectors and mobile devices, and movie edition and production.

Parallel computing is used to accelerate algorithm developing and also used as core module of video and graphics software and APP.

Parallel computing engineer will

  • Optimize and implement video and graphics algorithm to parallel computing platform such as CUDA, Vulcan and Metal;
  • Support and provide suggestions on video algorithm development and game development.


  • Good hardware and software knowledge of parallel computing and heterogeneous computing;
  • Familiar with two of below develop flow: CUDA, Metal, Vulcan, OpenCL, OpenGL;
  • Familiar with one of below develop environment: Xcode, android studio, visual studio; and experience on App development;
  • Background knowledge about software, graphics and computer vision;
  • Familiar with develop language, such as C++, python, c#, swift;
  • Game or game engineer developing experience is a plus;
  • Good soft skill and good English.