Patented MotionEngine® Technology

Dual Processing separate MEMC processing of video and graphics preserves overall quality for today’s complex multimedia apps
Variable Frame Rate adaptive, content-aware MEMC processing removes artifacts while preserving original artistic intent and battery life

Judder Can Degrade Visual Quality and Viewing Enjoyment

Most movies and TV shows are recorded at 24 or 25 frames per second (fps). Most sports content is recorded at 60 fps but streamed at 30 fps. Frame rate mismatch, when viewing 24-30 fps content on 60 – 144 Hz smartphone displays, often causes unwanted blur and judder.

Dual MotionEngine® technology is mobile-optimized for high refresh rate displays to remove unwanted judder and artifacts, and preserve the intended motion appearance for the widest array of content and video apps.

Up to 144 fps content adaptive
frame rate
16 bit, 500 Million pixel processing
per second
Up to 50% reduction in power consumption
vs. previous generation