Pixelworks game-changing high frame rate technology

Ultimate high frame rate mobile gaming experiences

Patented MotionEngine® technology for smooth, smart high frame rate motion

Al-based real time SDR-to-HDR convesion,adaptive display,clarity and eye comfort

Mobile gaming goes into high gear in with Pixelworks

Building on Pixelworks’ industry-leading video quality

Pixelworks and its customers re-defined smartphone video experiences

Premium Tier




  • Affordable flagship-like experience
  • Disruptive price, superior quality
  • Always-on HDR, adaptive clarity

A breakout technology for high frame rate mobile gaming

Pixelworks distributed visual processing architecture

Solving key high frame rate gaming pain points

  • Battery life and heat
  • Motion clarity
  • Color depth and contrast
  • Eye comfort

Current MEMC Solution

Next Generation


  • Ultra-smooth motion
  • Always-HDR
  • Low power


  • Desktop-like performance
  • Low latency

Solving the HFR gaming performance-power problem

Displaying dynamic content (gaming, video and camera-generated) consumes battery life faster than all other use cases combined.

Share of Usage Time

Share of Power Consumption

Gaming is the most power-hungry use case 

Pixelworks distributed processing offloads apps processor workload and upscales frame rate with smart motion to reduce overall system power consumption 

up to 30%

less battery drain

up 10° C

lower phone temperature

For an experience that’s as smooth as it is cool

Introducing Radar Mode

New feature available in Pixelworks X5 and i6 series processors

Quick spotting

Easy aiming

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