Pixelworks X7 Gen 2 Processor
      Immersive Game Enabler
      ►  Distributed Rendering Architecture
      ►   AI-based Super Resolution

Distributed Rendering Architecture

      ► Up to 4x resolution boost with high efficiency super resolution
      ► Up to 4x frame rate boost with MotionEngine®
      ► 8-16 times increase of rendering efficiency

      ► Lifelike picture quality with AI-based resolution reconstruction
      ► Better power savings and smoothness for high frame rate games
      ► MEMC + HESR+ HDR co-exist for cinematic gaming experience

Pixelworks X7 Gen 2 Visual Processor

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Distributed Rendering Architecture

Always-On HDR

Low Latency MotionEngine® Technology

Color Calibration

High Efficiency Super- Resolution

Skin Tone Management

Key Features

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High Efficiency Super-Resolution

Always-on HDR

High Efficiency Super Resolution+ Always-on HDR

Low Latency MotionEngine® Technology

Skin Tone Management

Color Accuracy

Product Family Overview

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Low latency MotionEngine® technology for ultra smooth gaming experience, boost the clarity of low-resolution content without overburdening power consumption, AI Adaptive Display and AI Always-On HDR for an always-immersive and eye-comfort viewing experience.

AI Adaptive Picture Quality to preserve viewing clarity and get eye comfort in all kinds of lighting conditions. Dedicated skin tone protection management for true-to-life portraits in all color modes.

Patented MotionEngine® technology for the highest refresh rate displays, ultra-smooth streaming video without judder and motion blur, and an immersive Always-on HDR experience.

Software solution for mobile platforms to get excellent display panel performance.

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