Master’s Design from the Inside to Outside and Ecosystem-Wide Collaboration Achieve Leap Forward in Performance Exploration

Shanghai, China – July 12, 2022Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of innovative video and display processing solutions, and realme, the fastest growing smartphone brand , announced that the newly launched realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition incorporates Pixelworks X7 visual processor to dramatically upgrade the gaming and video experience with advanced technologies, including a ground-breaking ultra-low latency MotionEngine®, low power super-resolution technology and highly evolved adaptive display functions. Additionally, Pixelworks collaborated with gaming ecosystem partners and realme to lead in the adoption a brand-new frame rate optimization mode in the latest version of One Piece Fighting Path, a 3D Action Role-Playing game recently released in Mainland China, to provide an exclusive and ultra-silky-smooth gaming experience for realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition users.

The realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition incorporates the newly launched Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and is powered by the latest X7 visual processor from Pixelworks. The smartphone features a 6.7-inch flexible AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2412×1080 pixels and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Powered by a 5000mAh dual-cell battery, it supports 100W fast charging and extended battery life. The smartphone’s appearance was crafted by Jae Jung, a renowned fashion designer. From the high-performance hardware to its unique ‘travel trunk’ design, the device is deserving of being titled a master’s work.

This smartphone also offers two custom frame rate optimization modes for the latest One Piece Fighting Path mobile game released in Mainland China: Low Power 120fps Mode and Premium Picture Quality 120fps Mode. Powered by the perfect coupling of Pixelworks’ rendering accelerator SDK and the Pixelworks X7 visual processor, both modes ensure ultra-smooth visual quality of up to 120fps while simultaneously emphasizing low power consumption. The Low Power 120fps Mode is specifically designed to boost low frame rate games to higher frame rate of up to 4x of its original, and the Premium Picture Quality 120fps Mode makes high frame rate games run more stable with reduced power consumption.

In addition, the Pixelworks X7 visual processor brings innovative visual display qualities to the realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition with the following advanced capabilities:

Ultra-Low Latency MotionEngine® Technology – Driven by brand-new algorithms and innovative architecture, the technology supports ultra-low latency frame interpolation that can double/triple/quadruple the frame rate of original content up to 120fps while maintaining comparable picture quality. Further, the MotionEngine ensures minimal latency of less than 10ms, which is well beyond the range of human perception, to achieve what’s known as Imperceptible Frame Interpolation Technology. Additionally, optimized algorithms offload processing from the GPU to avoid overheating and sustain game play of high frame rate content for extended periods of time. The Imperceptible Frame Interpolation Technology has been optimized for over 20 mobile games, including Game for Peace, Honor of Kings, Genshin Impact, QQ Speed and the latest release of One Piece Fighting Path in Mainland China. In addition, frame interpolation technology has been adapted for compatibility with popular video APPs including QQLive, iQIYI, YOUKU and bilibili.

Low Power Super-Resolution – Pixelworks X7 visual processor leverages newly advanced algorithms to improve picture quality by boosting content resolution from low resolution to high resolution at low power consumption. With the boosted resolution, the sharp and enhanced outlines of game characters and scenes look more authentic and smoother than the ones in the original resolution. This mode is now applied in Game for Peace and Genshin Impact, users can enjoy unprecedented ultra-clear picture quality of the two games on realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition.

AI Always-On HDR – Based on low-power AI display functions, this technology utilizes scene detection to intelligently adjust display parameters under a variety of lighting conditions, resulting in the optimal HDR quality of each frame together with great eye comfort. This Always-On HDR mode is available in QQLive, iQIYI, YOUKU and bilibili.

Absolute Color Accuracy – Every realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition smartphone is factory calibrated with Pixelworks’ patented and high-efficiency calibration technology, producing an average Delta E value less than 1, which enables consumers to enjoy real-to-life color for all apps and content spanning the sRGB, DCI-P3 color gamuts. Leveraging the 3D LUT method, Pixelworks visual processing technology conducts advanced color calibration to comprehensibly and precisely manage numerous display attributes, making the color displayed from the screen look as vivid as what human eyes detect in the ‘3D space’, regardless of ambient lighting conditions. By ensuring the display’s gamma value is always at 2.2 (best standard tested by image and video processing professionals), Pixelworks technology guarantees the most true-to-life experience for human eyes in different color modes and lighting conditions.

Eye Comfort Modes – Pixelworks’ innovative DC Dimming solution dynamically adjusts the display’s current to reduce the screen flickering frequently associated with conventional Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming. In dimly lit environments, the finely tuned, automatic luminance control in the smartphone enables ultra-smooth display brightness transitions with an unprecedented 16,384 gradients of brightness. This mode offers consumers superior clarity and enhanced eye comfort whether in bright or dark viewing conditions.

“realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition is a master piece to challenge the pinnacle of industrial design,” said Chase Xu, Vice President of realme. “It’s our constant pursuit to bring trendsetting user experience to consumers in both performance and design appearance. With the prosperity of the mobile game market, users are putting forward higher requirements for the gaming performance of smartphones. Boosting low frame rate games to high frame rate with less power consumption and minimal latency is crucial for achieving breakthrough mobile gaming performance. As the first smartphone to incorporate the Pixelworks X7 visual processor, realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition is fully equipped to deliver such performance. With the cooperation of our gaming ecosystem partners, we are also very glad to launch the customized frame rate optimization modes for the latest One Piece Fighting Path mobile game released in Mainland China. We are excited to provide more high frame rate mobile game options to our users, and we expect they will enjoy the combination of a silky-smooth gaming experience and extended play time.”

“From incubation, pre-research, production to the official launch, it took several years for us to complete the development journey for our One Piece Fighting Path project.” One Piece Fighting Path game development team mentioned, “To live up to the expectation of One Piece animation fans, we have tried to take everything into consideration, from the storyline reproduction and gameplay design to the visual display, striving to elevate the entire gaming experience to an unmatched level. Picture quality and fluency are fundamental attributes to deeply engage users in a game. Truly excellent visual display of mobile games requires high quality content and high-performance device. We are glad to come together with Pixelworks, realme and other gaming ecosystem partners to combine our collective resources and deliver the ground-breaking balance of high frame rate gaming and low power consumption for mobile gaming. We hope that the optimized frame rate mode will bring users a more immersive 120fps One Piece world with sustained enjoyment of a more smooth and stable gaming experience.”

“Congratulations on the release of the realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition smartphone!” said Leo Shen, Sr. VP, GM of Mobile BU, Pixelworks. “As an emerging brand strongly favored by a younger demographic, realme always upholds its ‘Dare to Leap’ pioneering spirit. This mantra led to the realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition becoming the first smartphone powered by Pixelworks’ X7 visual processor, while also pioneering the adoption of multifold frame rate optimization mode for a dedicated mobile game. We believe that with the support of Pixelworks’ innovative visual processing solutions, the realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition is sure to bring consumers an exceptional high frame rate gaming experience, coupled with excellent HDR video quality, smart power consumption and great eye comfort. For realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition users who are also players of One Piece Fighting Path, we encourage you to download the latest release of the game in Mainland China, choose your favorite frame rate mode and start to explore the exciting adventure of One Piece world with ultra-smooth visual quality.”


About realme:

realme is a global emerging consumer technology company disrupting the smartphone and AIoT market by making cutting-edge technologies more accessible. It provides a range of smartphones and lifestyle technology devices with premium specs, quality, and trend-setting designs to young consumers at affordable prices.

Established by Sky Li in 2018 and driven by its “Dare to Leap” spirit, realme is the world’s 6th largest smartphone company and has become one of the top 5 smartphone players in 30 markets globally in just three years. As of Q2, 2021, realme has entered 61 markets worldwide, including China and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, and has a global user base of over 100 million.

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