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Many of today’s flagship smartphones are packed with complex display technologies and specifications, leaving consumers confused and frustrated when making their next big smartphone purchase. To help consumers make smarter buying decisions, DXOMARK, an independent test lab that is well-known for its smartphone camera ratings, has introduced a new Display Scoring System that involves a comprehensive suite of scientific tests and evaluations that objectively characterize smartphone display performance.

DXOMARK incorporates real-life use cases that reflect how consumers actually use their phones and test with apps and content users care about. The test results are translated into scores for each key display category that, together, shape the overall smartphone visual experience (i.e., readability, color, video, motion, touch and artifacts). These category scores are then combined into an overall display quality score. DXOMARK’s testing is technically sophisticated but the scoring is simple enough for anyone to understand (i.e., the higher the number, the better the performance) and for consumers to easily figure out which phones best fit their needs.

TCL 10 Pro Scoring Highlights

In connection with the launch of DXOMARK Display, the company published its first report, comparing the performance of nine of the most popular 2020 flagship smartphones in the market – and just in time for the holiday shopping season. In addition to TCL, the report includes phones from Apple, OPPO, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Black Shark, ASUS and two from Samsung.

The TCL 10 Pro with NXTVISION display technology, powered by the Pixelworks processor, ranked #1 in two of the key use cases that define the smartphone experience. It hands-down beat the other eight smartphones in the Video category with a score of 89, and scored a 74 in Readability, which was the high mark in this critical category that assesses viewing quality under a wide range of lighting conditions. With an Overall Display Score of 83, the TCL 10 Pro surpassed four higher-priced phones by a margin of up to 22 points and missed by only 6 points, the top spot on the leader board, which was otherwise dominated by ultra-premium flagships priced at up to 3X higher.

Display Performance Scoring Summary (higher is better)

Learn more about DXOMARK’s smartphone displays test methodology at their website, here.


TCL 10 Pro | Top Display Value for Money

As you probably guessed by now, the real kicker is the price of the TCL 10 Pro, at $449, outshining a slate of 2020 models ranging from $899 – $1399. When you consider the economics of a purchase decision in the context of the DXOMARK report, then the question becomes how much do you need to pay for top display quality? Well, we asked ourselves that question and did a simple calculation.

To illustrate the relative display value for money, we divided each phone’s unsubsidized retail price by its overall DXOMARK display score to arrive at a new cost metric. Let’s call it the Display Quality CPP, as shown below, but unlike the DXOMARK score, lower is better:

The display CPP metric implies for the TCL 10 Pro, a 2-3X greater value for money than all other phones in the comparison – that is, if display were the only consideration. Sorry, we got a little carried away in our excitement over the results. Of course there are other considerations. We’re glad you brought that up, because there is so much more to love about the TCL 10 Pro!

“The ranking of the TCL 10 Pro in DXOMARK’s smartphone display scoring is a further testament to our Display Greatness philosophy, which leverages our display manufacturing expertise and our strategic partnership with Pixelworks. They’re a close, trusted partner and our ongoing collaboration has helped produce unparalleled display value for price quality for our consumers. We are very excited to continue our work together with more great product news and innovations to come.”

  • Stefan Streit, General Manager of Global Marketing, TCL Communications

“We congratulate TCL on this incredible achievement – delivering an ultra-premium visual experience at an ultra-affordable price. What they have done in only their second generation of TCL-branded phones is truly astounding – rising to a level of performance that is on par with the most established and priciest product brands in the industry. The industry clearly has a new ‘flagship killer’ and its name is TCL.”

  • Peter Carson, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Pixelworks, Inc.

So, for cost-conscious value-seekers looking for the best visual experience their money can buy, there is no better choice than the TCL 10 Pro. If you don’t believe us, just read the full DXOMARK report.

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